My website didn't work after a i use cloudfare!

Hi ,
My website stop working after i used with cloudfare ! So what i should do ?
My website :

It seems like the DNS records for your domain have gone while switching Cloudflare on and off (or off and on). To fix that, try to enable then disable or disable then enable Cloudflare again for your domain from the Control Panel.


Ok i enabel it but did that mean cloudfate will not working with my account again ?

No, Cloudflare will work with your domain (and your account) again. In fact, Cloudflare is now working with your domain now. Now you just need to login to the Cloudflare dashboard with the email you used to sign up with our service and the password you set up or the hosting account’s password, and then manage Cloudflare settings for your domain from there. Also, if the DNS changes haven’t propagated for you, you need to wait at least 24 hours or, if you don’t want to wait longer, use the ipconfig /flushdns command on your Command Prompt if your PC runs Windows to clear the DNS cache or configure a faster DNS resolver, like, OpenDNS or Google Public DNS, on your device.


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