My Website is down sometimes

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
Sometimes the site went down

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

Can you elaborate please? What do you see when it’s “down”?


Server was not found error.
It occurs mainly at night time (indian standard time)
also some times i get Server was not found error. while using firefox and itworks fie in chrome at the same time

My domain is down too (Again! 3 times in less than a month!) This is kinda annoying and the owners of this site don’t do nothing to fix it… InfinityFree sucks…

yeah but if you have a free service, don’t expect to have the best experience. theres no hosting service that gives a 100% uptime with a free service

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No hosting can guarantee 100% uptime. It’s physically impossible. That said, more expensive hosting is typically more reliable, so with free hosting, you should keep your expectations realistic. If you expect enterprise level quality with iron clad SLAs, don’t sign up with a free hosting provider.

What makes you think we do nothing to fix it? We fixed your website just now, didn’t we?

And as for the previous times, @EdwardHamHam asked you for more information, but you didn’t provide anything. “Sometimes the site went down” doesn’t tell us what happens, when it happens or how often it happens, which is all pretty important information.

You’re right, we didn’t help you with your issue before. But that’s primarily because you didn’t give us the information we need to help you.

So please keep your expectations realistic: this is a free hosting service. It’s not perfect on a technical level, and it’s not perfect on the level of telepathic skills of it’s staff.


“No hosting can guarantee 100% uptime” maybe you’re right but I least I expect 90% and 3 times in less than a month it’s a lot to consider a 90%, and yes I understand this is a free hosting service, but that’s not excuse to no put attention to your service, because if you want that more people adquire you pay service you need to give a good first impression, and nowdays “free services” doesn’t mean “defficient services”.

First of all, InfinityFree is Powered by iFastNet, and the server cluster used to power the websites on InfinityFree (and the many other free hosting resellers) are different than the servers used for their premium web hosting (which are superior) And even if they weren’t, the InfinityFree staff have no control over them. And as their homepage says about iFastNet’s premium service: “InfinityFree is not a representation of these offers.” [quote=“ezavalar, post:7, topic:21795”]
nowdays “free services” doesn’t mean “defficient services”.
You say this, but it’s not true. The free version of anything is much more limited and inferior compared to the paid version. Take Spotify for example. Their free service has ads and limits, while their paid plans remove those restrictions. It’s the same way with any web hosting that provides a form of free service.


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