My website is not published

Username : epiz_28990006 &

Error Message -

Other Information : I have added files to my site but not reflecting in my site. Please help


This should help


You need this


It is not hosted on WordPress.

In the website you should probably look at your .htaccess file. There must be some rule messing that up.

In the website the problem is different and you should look at the guide KangJL showed you above.


Checked, it is fully ok. It is working on localhost as well as other web hosting services but not on infinity free only.

Did you create these domains a few hours ago?
I can’t even see the WHOIS information of your domains!

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Stop saying that! This is not helpful at all

Are you sure the links and directories are correct?
I can see an extra dot which may be the cause of your issue.


Yes, I created it about 24 hours a ago only.

See, it am having 3 accounts in infinityfree. So one is my test site account where I test my site. So, I published my site there and it was working properly. So is it the issue that I have created my account only 24 hours ago. Will I have to wait about 72 hours. Admin please help.

The site spelling is wrong

Is this the reason for which my site is blank - When will my domain name start working - InfinityFree Knowledge Base

No, it’s not.

Like everyone else here is telling you, your code is crashing:

Why are you coming here to ask for help if you just ignore the solutions that are being provided to you?


But, now there is no http 500 eroor. It is showing the following -
image is still throwing error 500. is throwing 302. It seems to be in a redirect loop to

Can you post a screenshot of the contents of your htaccess file?


Ok, so this is the screenshot

chanses are that’s too big
what is the file size of that beast

do you plan to break tos

try to rename .htaccess to .htaccess.bak and then check the result after clearing caches.

this rule might be the reason. (Not sure)

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His domain names were giving me same feelings.
Maybe he want his all accounts to get suspended. :slight_smile:


Why ?

video hosting sites break TOS
Your .htaccess and domains mak eme feel like you are trying to run a video hosting service

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