My website is not working - Help pls

**My website URL is:

**What I’m seeing is: This site can’t be reached ’s server IP address could not be found.

**I’m using this software: Google chrome

Additional information:


Can you tell me did you do any of this?
"You can add the domain name as a Alias Domain (Parked Domain) or Addon Domain in Control Panel"

And if YES - do you have some files there or not?

If you do not have any files - then there is no harm if you try to delete that domain from system and add it again

if NOT (I have many files - website is there)
then you must wait for the admin

I have added the domain name as a alias domain. Now i receive “403 Forbidden The website’s configuration prevents you from accessing this page.”
What could be the issue and how do i go about solving it?

The domain is setup, but the directory it’s linked to is empty. Could you try to upload an index.php or index.html file so there is something for the server to load? The absence of a page to load might be the reason why you get a 403 error.

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