My website is not working

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:I am just seeing a ad that I didn’t issue.

Additional information:I am not even able to log in to cpanel and wordpress.

Your domain will work after upto 72 hours. You’re saying i cannot access to cpanel what that says to you? Is this suspended?

It doesn’t work for me too. So all records may be corrupted. If you accessed the cPanel successfully, try to remove and re-add your domain again from the “Addon Domains” section of the Control Panel. That should push the changes to the network, and should take at least 24 hours before accessing the website again.

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I cannot see my website name in Addon Domains section
Help me to solve this problem


Have you changed your DNS over to these DNS ones?

Then try to re add it to the cpanel and it will be displayed under the section which your picture ia on.

Then wait up to 72 hrs for your website to be live
Then upload files to the server.

Then your website will be live.

Many Thanks


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The domain is currently hosted with, not InfinityFree. Please contact your current hosting provider to fix this issue, or remove your domain from and migrate it to us so we can help you.

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