My website is not working

Please help me !!!
My site was working normally but since yesterday it is no longer working.
this is my url :

when i try to access i just have an error :
This site is inaccessible

Please help me

It looks like the IP is down at this time. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.


Thank you so much @Greenreader9
I hope that, but but I inform you that I have another IP different to this one

What is the IP listed in the client area for you than? If I did type the wrong one, oops, but your site is down and you will have to wait for it to be fixed.

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Many thanks
This is the IP listed in my client area :
please check it if it is down or not
and tell me what should i do please !

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Yes, it looks like your site is down. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do but hope that it comes back online soon :slight_smile:

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@Greenreader9 thank you very much on your best support

I hope the damage doesn’t last long because my business is stopped now

thanks a lot

No problem!

Just a suggestion, if you use Cloudflare, you can always turn on the “Always Online” feature, so if your site goes down people will still be able to view your site. If you are interested in Cloudflare, you can check out my guide below.


thanks i read the documentation, but does ifastnet not allow to change the default nameservers

this is not a problem i will wait until the problem is solved

can you tell me how long can it take? as an estimate

best wishes

When you add your domain to InfinityFree, you need to add their name servers to prove that you own the domain name.
After that, you can change the name servers to another DNS hosting service and create an “A record” pointing to your InfinityFree server’s IP address.


thank you @alexvf for the clarification
but the problem is that when I want to change the default nameservers of ifastnet by those of cloudflare, an error occurs and asks me to contact support

Can you show the error that Cloudflare gives when trying to add the domain?

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that is the error
I can not change the default nameservers by those of cloudflare

Wait, is your site using InfinityFree?

No sir i use

Well than why are you asking your question here???
iFastNet will be able to help you a lot better than us!

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Sincerely I try to contact them, but their support system don’t work

Well, I believe they have a community forum as well. IF and iFastNet are different, so what we tell you here may not be the best solution there.

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Here is iFastNet’s forum:

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