My website is not working

I want to upload my website but when I click on the website, it’s just default. Am I doing something wrong? I am in the right folder posted my own code html, and I have waited 7 hours for the website to change but it’s still default.

I recommend you clearing your cache or wait at least 72 hours for dns to start working

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By the way Seven Continents Of The World is the source code for my website.

It has become worst, see the picture to know what happened.

When I click on my website, this happens.

there seems to be no index.html file to show the site.

move the files from ‘Seven Continents Of The World’ to /htdocs.

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It is inside /htdocs.

Ok, I fixed it by putting all the files in the /htdocs and making the main file index.html

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Kindly close the forum as it has been solved.

the forum cannot be closed, but the topic can, lol!

That’s what I meant lol, just missed typed xD.

This happened because theres no index.html file on your site. The home index needs to be named as index.html or use htaccess to allow more indexes


Yeah, the problem is fixed.

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