My website is redirecting to suspended domains

@Admin please check this. My website is not working. My previous topic was closed… :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

Make sure to read the pinned topics.

Can you share links

Your previous topic was closed because it was spam. Can you share a screenshot of the /hotdogs directory for me?


your website is working fine on my site, but there are no contents in it.

Mostly 500 error occurs due to the wrong configuration of .htaccess file.
As your site is working fine for me and there are no contents on it then I’ll assume that you might have messed with .htaccess at that time.

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I asked for a screenshot of the directory (like in a file manager or something), not the homepage. As @MAHOfficial said, your .grace as file could also be the cause. Can you share its code here?

when sharing the code, please type
Code here

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