My website is suddenly down? Time out error

I have been getting time out errors on multiple devices and multiple browsers since yesterday but hadn’t changed anything, is there an outage?

My website URL is:

I forgot to mention that Im on hosting volume vol9_4 and I can still FTP in, Im at a loss as to why I can’t load my site though, it simply times out no matter what I do.

Same for me. Yesterday tried to open website from different devices and not working. Got message from browser “The connection has timed out”.

The IP is being DDoSed by someone that loves so much DDoSing free servers. The Admin should report this to iFastNet, that resolves the issue soon.

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The issue was already reported to iFastNet long ago. But they could only confirm that this issue was indeed caused by a DDoS attack. Which means there is not much anyone can do, except for wait until the attack is over.

That said, this issue should not affect FTP access. Why that is (and how it related to hosting volumes) is explained here:

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