My website seems to be unaccessable to the browser


I have 2 websites and both are offline

What are the IPs of both of them?

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I should not share that publicly if I don’t want to get DDoS

One of my websites is now working again

You are safe to share IPs, as they are shared on Free Hosting. You don’t have to share your website, publicly, but you are welcome to PM it to me if you would like me to check it.


I’m having the same problem. Servers are down

Website IP

The following IPs seem to be down:

For those with the same issue, please provide your IP so we can check out your IP as well!


I also have the same problem

How is it possible for an IP being down?

It means that the computer that is hosting the website (webserver) is offline. It may be because of maintenance, software error, or hardware failures.

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I doubt Its due to maintenance

It could be. Most likely something failed, or the server was attacked, and they are working on fixing it.

For those of you wanting to know when it will be fixed, an ETA is not known at this time, just stay hopeful!


one of my customers had a webserver go down and the whole company ground to a halt

a cleaner had enter the server room and while tidying had seen a loose lan cable on the floor and pluged it neatly into the switch next to the other cables

the other end of the cable was also plugged into the same switch, this caused a loop and a storm of traffic bringing everything to a grinding halt

I thought I would share this funny story while we wait :smiley:


My IP it´s down too…

What can i do?!


im sure infinityfree are aware of the issue, they usually fix these small problems quicky

we just have to wait


An official topic has now been created for this outage. Please refer to it for additional information, as well as updates.



thanks Greenreader9


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