My websites are down

Username: epiz_29486144

Website URL: and

Error Message:

No se puede acceder a este sitio web
La página mavargas . 42web . io ha rechazado la conexión.

Other Information:

All domains of my account are down, can´t access it.

I just checked your website and it’s working fine from here. Do you still experience this issue?

Thank you for reviewing my account issue.
The problem happened on September 18, but today, September 19, both websites can be accessed. It fixed itself.


Now my websites go to

Web Hosting is failing too much :frowning:

Please check again. Thanks.

Your account was suspended because it reached the daily hits limit. Please see the client area for more information.

How to I reach the limit of daily hits?

Only 5 persons we use that websites.

I don’t understand why my account was temporarily suspended :man_shrugging:t2:

Hits also include reloads, bots, etc.

:arrow_down: Read that reply, it’s better :arrow_down:


Gonna be technical here…

Hits include any resource loaded from Infinityfree server (example, a CSS file you uploaded to your account is a hit, but a resource loaded from something like imgur is not a hit).

Hits can be registered by any request to your server (this includes bots and/or API calls, the latter of which can only be used within the website domain itself anyways).

If you load 100 server resources each time you visit a webpage and an additional 20-50 for things like API calls to the server per each visit, with 5 people you will very likely reach your hit limit if you are busy that day.


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