Name Servers Issue

Hi, i am trying to update name servers, My Domain Name is

in my cpannel, in addon domain page, there are two different types of name servers are given to update… one are on page first

and other 5 nameservers in next page are as under
ns1 byet org

i am confused which one is for me to add and update my domain name servers… as i have tried both one by one… but i am getting same error message when try to add domain in my account that is as under
Error Adding Domain…

This could be due to already adding the domain to this or another account or, you have not changed the nameservers as required or not enough time has passed since changing the nameservers…

Remember, you need to change the nameservers on a domain via registrar control panel BEFORE adding it to your account, it may take 24~72 hours to completely update the nameservers.:

Please verify your nameservers and/or change them to:

Please help me, i am trying this from last 3 days…

Your nameservers point to and To change the nameservers for your domain from Dynadot, follow this guide and wait from 5 minutes to 24 hours for the changes to be applied.
You can use the set of Byet nameservers or the Epizy ones, which are the same, but my personal recommendation is to use Byet nameservers for the maximum availability and reliability of your website.

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