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How come thefreecpanel also uses vistapanel but it looks more like cpanel whereas you guys have a different editor?

We have net2ftp and Monsta FTP as file managers, but has only net2ftp as a file manager.

but their editor looks almost like the actual cpanel one?

Not the same as a cPanel. I have tried X10Hosting, that has the real cPanel, and some options on the cPanel File Manager and their editor are not present on the custom file managers.

They said that the do support ipn or api but just wondering why you guys don’t?

You can just use a “Pay with PayPal” button that brings to the actual PayPal payment Page instead of using IPN or API here.

I understand but I guess I don’t have the details for the customers to use with my database but you said that omnipay will work? Also, after deactivating my account here, must I wait for another 3 days?

I didn’t say that Omnipay will work, but you may give it a try. However, after removing the domain from your account here and adding on another service, you may need to wait for DNS propagation or configure

thanks, so basically I just waited a few days because I didn’t deactivate my account first? :upside_down_face:

The DNS changes are always managed by iFastNet, so if you want the site to be online on (IP not of iFastNet; used as an example) and the old IP is (other IP used as an example) you may need to wait at least 24 hours before you can see it with the IP With you need to wait just seconds to see it with the new IP!

ok but as mentioned, have I wasted a few days? I guess the propagation will start from today?

Yes, you have wasted a few days. The propagation starts from now until 24 hours.

Can I still ask any php help here? This forum is really good by the way…

Yes, you can still ask any PHP help here.

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Just to clarify again, if I were to move to another webhost, I must deactivate my account at my current webhost first? So next time, I would need to deactivate my account at thefreecpanel? At least, now I can finally add my other domain as well…but am still wondering why don’t you guys accept ipn or api?

You must delete the domain, not deactivate the account, from this host before moving it to another or vice versa, and we don’t support making directly API connections, so as I said, you may try Omnipay to configure the payment.


As far as I can tell, thefreecpanel uses the same platform as we do. Which means their service has the exact features and restrictions as ours does. With the only difference that we offer a client area with some additional features (like the MonstaFTP), whereas they use the base platform without any notable customization as far as I can tell.

In spite of their name, they don’t provider “cPanel”.

And I am very sure that they do not support IPN either. If they say they do, they are either unaware of the restriction or lying about it.

This is also the reason why you would need to remove the domain first: you cannot host the same domain on the same system twice.

If I were to join a totally different service, would I need to remove my domain?

I think I need to find something with ipn simulator because I have a subscriptionplan purchased and need a lot of information.