Nameservers & Namecheap Domain

I’m trying to point domain from namecheap to

I’ve tried ns1.epizy ns2.epizy but it didn’t work. Then I tried ns1 through ns5 of byet (see screenshot) and its still not working. I’ve it inside the Add-on Doman here as well BUT it’s been showing Directory Listing empty page instead, please help!

You need to copy the website files from the htdocs to with a File Manager in order to see your website from there.

Its giving me timeout error.

Then remove all the files, remove the domain from the “Addon Domains” section of the Control Panel, then add it on the “Parked Domains” section of it, and then change the WordPress URL from the old URL’s WP Admin “Settings” section and change the URL from the old URL to the new one. Then save the changes.

How come my main domain / says suspended?

From the KB article “Why does my domain redirect to”:

When your account is created, a “main domain” is automatically generated for it. These main domains are a subdomain of eight random characters, followed by an InfinityFree domain. An example main domain looks like “”.

These main domains will never show your website and always redirect to These main domains are just internal identifiers, and the content shown on it does not reflect the status of your hosting account or the other domains on it. The main domain does point to the IP address of your account (which makes it useful if you want to use your own DNS servers), but never shows any website from your account.

I’ve been trying to copy website files from the htdocs to using File Manager but it keeps giving me “unexpected error” - please help!

When I tried to add in “Parked Domains” its giving me this error:

Error #93681767457 Please contact support.

Why can’t we just change to point to /home/vol6_3/

instead of /home/vol6_3/

It may be because you deleted both domains! Then add the domain again on “Addon Section” of the Control Panel, remove all the files from, then download a fresh copy of WordPress from here, extract it, and then go to “MySQL Databases” to see the database details. After that, upload the WordPress files inside the wordpress extracted folder to the same folder ( with an FTP client, and then edit the wp-config.php with a File Manager to include the new database host, database name, username and password.
And, iFastNet’s adding system must add a domain name folder over the htdocs if you were about to upload the files, so you cannot change the thing to point to your htdocs unless you have a new account with a Custom Domain.

Wow, feels like too much work and defeats the purpose of DNS nameservers automatically resolving. Plus, downloading and/or copying is giving errors… which makes it next to impossible accomplishing these manual tasks.

If you don’t want to do these steps, reinstall your WordPress from Softaculous for your domain after adding the same domain on your account and start over.

which same domain?

Yes, that “same domain”.

I figured it out, all I had to do in Softaculous is make staging version of existing WP site to point to the domain.

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