Need to update php to 7.1.26

Admin update the PHP to version 7.1.26

Please check the existing topics first, next time. Some questions have already been asked many times before.

That’s a good way of not answering the question, when will we get it??

Already answered your question, look at the existing topics or you won’t get a real answer.

As you can read in all the topics I linked to: I don’t know. I have exactly the same question, and I would love to give a detailed roadmap of which features and fixes are going to be built and released at which times. But I’m dependent on the information which iFastNet gives me, and iFastNet doesn’t give me any release schedule either.

far too busy to trawl through those, time is vital, I’d much rather ask the question and get a specific answer to myself, much more time efficient that trawling through stuff on the internet…

If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want will be the sacrifice.
– From Unknown

time should never be sacrificed, especially in replying to comments that add nothing, like yours… What book did you read that in??

If you’re far too busy, how are you here then?

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What do u mean time should not be sacrificed?
Well you just sacrificed your time on replying my comment.

How about in this situation.
You have to save your family because they were all being kidnapped. What would you choose, scarifice your time to save your family or wasting your time just sitting without doing anything?

If you just followed admin’s posted links then you can just get your answer without wasting your time just saying:
“That’s a good way of not answering the question, when will we get it??”.
You just sacrificed your time wasting on replying.

Timewasters everywhere, i am here because I need help, why people comment when they have nothing to say… Now stop wasting my time please, thanks…

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