Netlify is 100x better than infinityfree or is thousand time fast and more quality service than that of infinityfree. is also good choice.

They dont have support for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, and other CMS’ They only provide support for HTML CSS


Sorry dude I don’t think that you have ever use their services or heavy to yeah i no that they don’t provide wordpress but they have very alternative to it also in modern frameworks like angular and react

For static hosting, there are a wealth of options to use. For “serverless” hosting (static hosting with some advanced Javascript features), there are fewer options, but still plenty.

If you’re a software developer with good experience with CLI, Git and Javascript, then services like Netlify are much nicer to use. And if you have a site with basically no server side code, then they also provide all the features you need.

If you’re like that, then services like Netlify are a great choice. Really, there isn’t much I can honestly say to convince you otherwise.

The InfinityFree main site and KB were also hosted on services like that for a while.

The thing is that many people here want to run PHP code, use MySQL databases, use CMS like WordPress. They may not know what Git is, may prefer visual interfaces to click things together or maybe haven’t used Javscript beyond some basic jQuery.

These people want to just chuck their PHP scripts on their site by syncing a directory from their computer. These people want to click a few buttons and have a powerful CMS ready where they can create pages and add powerful features like forums and shops like you’re installing an app.

For these people, services like Netlify are completely unusable and don’t scratch the surface of what they need. So for these people, InfinityFree is exactly what they are looking for.

Netlify and InfinityFree both do website hosting, but they way they do it is completely different. And there are audiences for both products. Neither of them is objectively better or worse, they are just different products.


This sound exactly like something I was telling someone about whether or not Python is better than C++. They aren’t comparable in a fair way, because they are both built for different things.


both hosting providers offering a different service


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