No domains in account



it says “NO DOMAINS ON ACCOUNT” in Cnamerecord, I can’t setup SSL , I checked I have a domain in my account, is this some kind of bug?, the domain is [ ]

You can’t host .tk domain using our hosting is a subdomain NOT domain

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so can you tell me what i can do now?

i just want an ssl certificate

Then use a .ga/.cf domain from freenom

ok i but can you guide me how can i create ssl certificate for free?

Basically, go to
Then add your domain, then create the cname records
Then Install them;


ok i setted cname records correctly now after refreshing dns status it says this: There are currently 1 TXT record(s) on the verification subdomain. Please remove any TXT records and only set the CNAME record. Please note that DNS changes can take up to 24 hours to take effect.

As it says, this happens a lot, Just wait for an hour or so for changes to take effect, then try again

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Ok SSL setted up and working fine and i have a two last questions and i don’t want to spam so i am not creating more threads , extremely sorry if i’ve done something wrong - i was using but after setting up SSL and getting a new domain [ ] now my wordpress is gone. i think my new domain created another directory. can u help getting my wordpress back? and second what usernames and password do i have to backup so my site never gets lost?

First, ensure you have backed up your wordpress admin & pass, and when you add a domain, it creates a new directory, either reinstall wordpress, or install your domain as a parked domain, to point to your other one


Understandable , have a great day :slight_smile:

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