No editing option in cpanal

My new cpanel has been working well but just recently, I can’t see any editing option for my style.css as shown below… is this an admin problem or could I check certain settings?


I read somewhere in cpanel that file size can’t be more than 1 MB, is there a way to edit this?

Infinityfree has file manager and you can use it :>

but I am just wondering if there is a way to increase the size of the file?

The file size limit depends on the hosting you’re in.

I am not sure about this but with the includes folder, should we only have files that are not actually active in that folder? such as activation files? From my experience, if I add anything in that folder, it will affect my url and sometimes won’t go back a directory. However, if I put most of my active files outside the includes folder, then it will work smoothly…

The includes folder is only for PHP files that need to be included in a file, not for active files.

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ah… that makes sense I guess.

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