No padlock

I have SSL Certificate info

I have Force HTTPS

I have Valid Certificate

I have Domain Matching

I have Signature

I hav Expiration Date

I have no mixed Content


What is your website URL, so I can check if SSL is correctly installed on your website?

are you using cms on your wibsite?

If you click the icon in the address bar (e.g. a banner saying Not Secure, a broken padlock, or something like that), it should say why the connection is not fully secure.

It could also be that your browser doesn’t show a padlock anymore. Google Chrome has already announced that they intend to remove the padlocks from HTTPS sites in the future, because they say HTTPS is the new default and will only show a message if the connection is not secure.

Speaking of browsers, which browser are you using?

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For some reason, my website is now down… I switched to cloudflare nameservers, and had padlock but, when in the morning I woke up and my site is down. I changed the nameservers back to infinityfree’s and it’s still down… Any fix?

the url is

For me it redirects to

Everything looks like your domain name is using our nameservers exactly the way it’s supposed to.

However, there is nothing we can do about your nameserver settings. Nameservers are configured through your domain name provider. Maybe they reverted your nameserver settings for some reason? In any case, you’ll need to go back to your domain provider and set Cloudflare’s nameservers again.

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I have all of the required items necessary for the padlock, and still comes up not full. Any Fix?

After installing a SSL certificate, you alsoi want to force the connection to only HTTPS, and is explained in this guide:

Update. I am completely resetting the website due to some little issues I have. I changed the nameservers back to Infinityfrees, Made a database, installed wordpress, and the admin page leads me to, “We couldn’t find that page.” What happened? Any Clue on how to fix it?

The IP addresses of our nameservers are provided from multiple locations around the world. But the number of people reporting random DNS issues makes me suspect that some of these locations are malfunctioning. That would explain the random DNS issues for some people while other people do not have these problems.

Could you please make a traceroute from one of these error locations to and share them here? The traceroute will show which location you connect to to resolve your DNS.

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Change one of the nameservers to, and leave the second one the same?

What Admin said:

You can do a traceroute by opening the Terminal on Mac/Linux or the Command Prompt on Windows and executing the first command of the following list only on Linux/Mac, and the second command only on Windows:


This is what I got. Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Interesting. The malfunctioning location (based on traceroutes from other people) seems to be the Los Angeles endpoint, but you’re connecting to the Ashburn location, which does not appear to have this problem.

In fact, it looks like your domain name was just erroneously disabled. You should be able to fix this by removing the domain name and adding it again. This should force the new and correct settings to be relayed through the network and cause your domain to work from everywhere.

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Okay, lemme try that!

I did it, and it worked. But, I had issues and reset the website, and that didn’t fix it.

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