Not able to create new ssl certificate

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


Error Message

You can not create any new SSL certificte for this domain right now

Other Information

My free SSL certificate will expire in 2 days
Tried to renew certificate, by request a new free SSL certificate from the InfinityFree client area. The button “Request new certificate” is inactive - with remark “You can not create any new SSL certificte for this domain right now”

Do you use a custom domain and Let’s Encrypt? Most likely, the system ran into the limit for Let’s Encrypt certificates which is 50 per week, so you may have to choose a different provider temporarily. Also, your CNAME record could be messed up, please check that.

EDIT: If the certificate installed does not expire in the next 30 days, it will not let you create another certificate. If you have already requested a certificate, look for it in the “SSL Certificates for <your domain>” section.

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Which domain? You have a few different domains so it would help to know which (more so than an account username).

Looking at your current SSL domains, I see they all have a Pending certificate already. So the reason you can’t create a new certificate is that you already have a certificate you’re setting up.

So to get your new certificate, simply complete the validation instructions provided and wait for the certificate to be issued.

The problem was with my own domain (Let’s encrypt) - other were OK
It was possible to request new SSL certificate only after delete and recreate domain again. Have you any idea what was wrong?

I don’t know what happened, especially because you deleted all the evidence before giving anyone else a chance to look. Recreating the domain name should not make any difference.

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