Not Able to log in

is there any other way i can login or check the error which is causing this?


Have you tried this?

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busy rn, will try and tell

On which site do you experience this issue in the first place?

Thank you.

I see the same issue, and I think I know why.

When I check my browser, I see there are no (WordPress) cookies being set at all, which would explain the cookie error.

But when I check the login page response message, I should see a set-cookie header that tries to set the session/csrf cookie.

But what I see in the response is this:

set-cookie wordpress_test_cookie=WP%20Cookie%20check; path=/;; secure

As you can see, the cookie is being set for, not for, which is why the cookies don’t work.

I think that this is configured through the Site URL setting. You can change it like this:


thanks @Admin. There are 4 ways written, Is there any specific method you would suggest or all are equally fine?

My personal preference is the database route:


they asking to find wp_options but that is not visible in my database

everything is starting with wpwd




got it thanks

but its already correct

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its not set to this

what should i do now?

Edit the value? Double click on it and edit it.

why should i edit its already correct

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Do you have Multisite enabled on your website at all? Because if so, the setting may be located elsewhere, judging by this forum post:

I don’t know enough about WordPress to say where this setting is exactly. But the Cookie Domain for your site is clearly wrong, and I don’t know for sure where to set it.


yes its multisite…Checking this out

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I made this mu-plugins file and inserted the code…
Still not working : (

Though, I really appreciate your effort @admin

i think i should raise a query in wp forum only