Not able to send or receive emails

Hi ,
I am not able send or receive any mails . Website is loading properly. I have a Google domain and using free hosting here … pls help .

Username : epiz_28286889

This is not supported on free hosting


Send and receive emails from where?

Your .com domain is configured with Google mailservers which, assuming they are the values you’re supposed to use, should route your email to Google’s mail system, so you can receive your email there. I don’t know if Google requires any special settings to send email with Google Domains.

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I checked with Google domain … they asked me to reactivate the Mx records from hosting side … initially it was working with out any issues… . now not sure where the problem is

Try removing the first record. The epizy one. Afterwards, make sure the rest are correct (Check to make sure they match the ones that are listed by Google)

I have no idea what you/they mean with that. The MX records are there, they cannot be “reactivated”.

That one can’t be removed, and doesn’t need to be.

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