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Hi actually i am not able to upload flix app web admin zip file to file manager because whenever I upload the zip files after uploading it gets vanished and i whenever I want to extract some file it also doesn’t help

Take note max file size is 10mb. Anything more than that will get deleted.
You may want to extract the zip file locally on your pc/laptop before uploading it via filezilla.


In filezilla when extracting it is taking a lot lot of time

Expected if it is a big file.

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Take note you may be violating TOS

No nulled scripts allowed on free hosting


Okay so I cannot setup flix app on infinity free??

If you have money to buy a piece of software off Code Canyon, why not just buy premium hosting itself? Yes, you cannot host it here. Even if you succeeded with that, you’d suspended sooner or later, so not a good investment (free) just to get suspended!


@Bvvnmgh, unfortunately, video hosting is not allowed here. While you may be able to install the script and get it running, you will be suspended for violating the TOS due the above states reason.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


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