Not being able to acess website from laptop but can do from a mobile phone

Hello I am asking this question for this account : epiz_29042760

This is what I see when I try to acess my website through my PC, I can not acess WP admin → it returns me to this page.

But I can access the website no problem from my mobile phone. No errors pop up that is why I am very confused.

Please try clearing your cache. If that does not work, please provide a domain name.

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thank You for the fast reply. I have cleared my cache “since the beggining of time” :smiley:

It still does not work…

The domain in question is:

Sorry for spamming this thread. This is what I see when I try to connect through Incognito mode or other PC.

This is what I see:

Are you using http or https in the url?
The error you’re getting only happens if you’re using https to access your website.

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Hello, thank You for the reply.

I tried accessing it through http only (with Google Chrome and Edge) but it still does not work.

the domain name is working. Most probably it’s your browser cache.
Hard Refresh your website by pressing CTRL+F5

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Thank You MahOfficial I just tried that, still does not fix it.

I have also disabled all the extensions, installed Mozilla (did not work).

Cleared my cache once again.

Still no sucess, thank You all for trying to help me :slight_smile:

Your ISP may be caching some things as well. You can try using a phone on a cellular network, that should work.

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Hello Greenreader9,

I have just came to the same conclusion using a cellular network on my phone works perfectly. I have contacted my ISP and are waiting for their response.

Thank You very much


If anyone finds this thread, I have solved it before my ISP by flushing the DNS cache with the comand ipconfig/flushdns

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It’s the same issue as what I described here. You can’t do anything to “fix” it yourself, but iFastNet is working on it.


My bad, it was a coincidence then, because as soon as I flushed it started “working”.

Many thanks to the community.


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