Not getting a clear answer from support. Admin help may be useful!

I’m having a bit of a confusing time with the support staff.

Short Version
My account was suspended for abuse, I contacted support multiple times only to get the reply “Please do reply to this ticket if you have any further queries and we will happily assist.” and nothing else.

I’m confused and just want to reactivate my account

Long Version
My account was suspended due to abuse after almost a year of smooth sailing. When I went back and checked what could have triggered this, I realized it was a redirection script inside the footer of my website. It was intended to redirect anyone visiting from Instagram and show them instructions to open the browser in safari or chrome on their phone. This was because for some reason my website builder didn’t play nice with Instagram’s browser and would corrupt the whole site (I think this was some sort of gimmick to make me upgrade to paid version but I am not sure). Right after uploading the site with this code is when my account was suspended.

I first reached out to staff to find out what exactly was wrong and if they could work with me to reactivate the account with this exact message “Hi, I’m experimenting with a workaround to my site looking distorted when accessed from an Instagram bio, and suddenly my site was deactivated. I think that when I set it up to redirect to a different page based on if you access the site from Instagram or not is what caused the site to be deactivated. I’d be willing to give a demo of the site in order to reactivate my account if needed. Our site is a career exploration site for youth and you can see our activity on @careeready on Instagram as proof that we are legit. I’m willing to provide any further evidence if needed. Thank you!”. For some reason they told me “Please do reply to this ticket if you have any further queries and we will happily assist.” and closed the support ticket, which is strange because then I can’t reply to it. I thought ok maybe it was some mistake so I opened a second support ticket a little and said “Hello, I’m still not sure why my account has been suspended. I’ve reached out yesterday to see if we could work this out but the support ticket was closed with no reply. Can I please get some info on why my account was suspended, what I can do to get it back, if this suspension is permanent or not and next steps? Some communication back would be appreciated” only to get the same response “Please do reply to this ticket if you have any further queries and we will happily assist.” and my ticket was changed to pending. I then sent two more replies along the lines of “Can you please reactivate my account? I ask that you remove the script code from my files, and I also have removed them in my project so now the website is completely safe” with clearer steps of action and specific question but only to get the same reply.

I already fixed my site code and took out the script.

I’m very confused on what’s going on and how I can reactivate my account.

Any help is appreciated!
Admin please help?

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Some more info
the website on infinity free was previously

I’ve also temporarily uploaded the project to another hosting service for now and you can see the Instagram warning page at

I would much prefer to use InfinityFree so please help!

Hello! Unfortunately, only Admin will be able to help you with that, so he will check when he comes online (Generally once a day).


Hopefully! Thank you.

I’d also like to update that my 2nd support ticket has also been marked closed, once again with the same reply

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I checked your account and the file that was flagged, and it seems like your Instagram warning page triggered a false positive in our filters.

Usually, this is where the human review comes in to determine that this is a false positive, but whoever reviewed your ticket must have thought Instagram = fake page = bad = no reactivation. That shouldn’t have happened.

Your sites are back up now, but I cannot guarantee that they won’t be suspended again and that you’ll have better results then.


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