Not my Website appearing
the Main Domain is

Different colored arrows on each side

in the Middle was the following
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My own HTML

  1. The simple index.html worked yesterday.
  2. I then loaded a complex PHP site with a database. The page as stated above appeared.
  3. I then just wanted to see if the original index.html would work. I deleted all the new code for the PHP site. This left the original index.html from yesterday to execute. The page that appeared was the same as above.
  4. Please let me understand. Thanks.

it’s suspended!

For the Main Domain, that cannot be accessed directly, it’s all explained in this article:

Why is it suspended? Did I do something incorrectly? Please let me know.

What can I do to unsuspend

Only the Main Domain is suspended, but your domain is still active. You can’t access Main Domains directly, but after DNS propagation you can still access If you want the website to work quickly, configure a faster DNS resolver on your device.

So help me understand. My PHP application will work once the DNS propagation finishes. Is this the 72 hour delay? I deleted the PHP files - but If I reload - It will all work great once the DNS Propagation is finished? I do not want to do anything to make me permanently suspended.

Yes, it is.

It will all work great once the DNS propagation is finished. And you will never be suspended permanently, because the CPU limit isn’t going crazy after it was solved.

Just read your article you posted to me. I have to find what is the limit. That must be the reason for the suspension.

The CPU limit was going crazy on some accounts until July 28, when it was solved. So you shouldn’t be suspended, even if the Main Domain may look that the account was suspended, but in reality it will not be suspended. And I didn’t create the KB article; the Admin created it, and I posted it on here.

Thanks for the quick feedback. So I will reload the PHP files and wait for 72 hours. Again thank you much.

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