Not possible to reset my wordpress password

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please help me, i cant reset my wp password.

I tried it throught classic wordpress password reset, by my account doesnt support email sending, therefore i cannot use this option.

I also tried go throught cPanel, change password, but that also doesnt work.
cPanel work propely, but i just cannot log in with password listed in “user_pass”.

Its weird, i dont understand that.

can you please help me?


Try changing that then, see if it works.

Softaculous is currently down, but I think you can change it through there. Once it’s up again, of course.

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thank you for anwser pal, but this is exactly what i tried, but it doesnt work… its weird, right?
also its weird that my site works fine, i just cannot log in…

That’s because the password is hashed, as any good authentication system should. That means it’s impossible to derive the password from the information in the database. That’s perfect, because that means that if someone managed to get unauthorized access to your database, they wouldn’t be able to steal your passwords.

But while you cannot retrieve your password from the database, you can change it from there. The official WordPress docs describe how to do that: Resetting Your Password |

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