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SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection timed out

Other Information

Every page on my website that is linked to my database gives me that error. It has been working perfectly since a couple of hours ago.

Can you share the domain referring to? Where do you get this error (i.e page link)? Without any information we cannot help you!

I can give the domain but it’s protected by a password.
I was wondering if there was a common issue around like it happened before (like an hosting problem)

Do you think you might able to create a temporary password with not access to your site’s funtionality?

No because the protection is active only on the index and then you’d have full access to the whole thing

That’s fine! Maybe a screenshot at least?

This is the result. It’s a page that gives me the result of a query.

Without having a look at the code etc, I cannot help you :frowning_face:

Without more details we can’t help you. It looks like you using a script, so witch one?

@Greenreader9, you meant witch or which?

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