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I’m trying to display this image which exists but isn’t being found.
remove quotes of course and paste in your address bar please.

Do you clear your cache?


Yes, but I find it works if I use img directory. Maybe images is reserved ?

bottom 3 work, top 3 don’t. weird huh ? remove quotes

img src=images/dowhistory.png alt=dow
img src=/images/dowhistory.png alt=dow
img src=./images/dowhistory.png alt=dow

img src=img/dowhistory.png alt=dow
img src=/img/dowhistory.png alt=dow
img src=./img/dowhistory.png alt=dow

Directory names are case sensitive. If you don’t have a directory called “images” those links wont work.


Thank you but “images” has been lowercase for my usage. It just started working so something got changed. Weird. Thanks for the amazing support ! Super fast .


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