Periodic error 404 in redirect

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
Sometimes, not always, when you click on a link, a 404 error appears, what could be the problem?

The redirect is configured in the .htaccess file…

Your domain (aka has both InfinityFree nameservers and Hostinger’s ones. Please remove the Hostinger’s nameservers from the Hostinger’s domain panel, and wait 24 hours for DNS propagation.

Tell me how to remove them, it needs to be done in the hostinger? where exactly?

It needs to be done accessing your Panel at, and then going onto the Domain Manager, click on “Manage” on the domain you want to manage, then click on “Nameservers”, and remove and from the nameservers. I don’t know how Hostinger’s domain manager works, so I tried to explain it the simplest way possible.

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