Phishing site cpanel

Administration please be aware that there is a phishing site that people provide in the forum

What do you mean phishing site?

As I can see, someone has created this site as fake cpanel, therefore if you enter your real credentials they are sent to creator of this site

then how come if you enter fake credentials it does not allow it. anyway i don’t want to talk more about this. it is not worth my time

It Shows actual data for my site as well as, How? Do you think can A Phishing site access to Hosting data etc? If it’s phishing then How can i access to both of my site control panel?


It’s not a phishing site, it really is the control panel. The same as You can log into hosting accounts that are subdomains of and in both panels, as well as ones from other MOFH resellers, because of the way the system works. Just two different addresses for the same thing.


Okay, thanks for clearing that up, my bad!

No, is not a phishing site. But Google has blacklisted the entire domain in their Safebrowsing system. Ironically, this prevents us from collecting the reports on the actual domain names they have marked as malicious.

If you would prefer to avoid that domain, you can also use:

Please remember that no malware scanner is perfect. Every scanner has false positives and false negatives. Google’s is no exception.


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