PHP 7.3 is now available

Since a few days, the latest stable version of PHP: PHP 7.3, is now available!

This version has replaced PHP 7.0 in the PHP version selector, and all websites using PHP 7.0 before (and every new account created) will use PHP 7.3 by default.

This means you and your code can now benefit from the new features added to PHP since version 7.0, like:

  • Various static typing features, including nullable types, void return type, iterable pseudo-type, object typehint
  • Visibility modifiers for class constants
  • New list() syntax
  • Catch multiple exceptions
  • The libsodium cryptography extension
  • Argon2 password hashing

Various scripts and plugins which didn’t support PHP 7.0 anymore, (like the latest versions of Laravel) can also be used again now.


Congrats! that looks fine :slight_smile: