PHP session goes on and off


I am not sure, what’s going on?
But, PHP session goes on and off on my website.

Please see,

Above page creates a session and sets “sandeep” as value. On clicking “Next”, the page is supposed to sustain session and display its value. But, it’s shown sometimes and sometimes not.

I am confused since the code is perfectly fine.
Please advise.


It works fine for me; Most likely it’s a problem with your browser and not storing cookies correctly. Make sure you have cookies enabled and your using an updated version of your browser.

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Thanks TigerMANEK426
But, I have shared this link with other friends and they see same issue.

We have tried all browsers. Also, clearing cache etc. But, no luck.
Please advise.


It is working for me as well. Note that your ISP may also cache the site, so using a device on cellular data may enable to you see it functioning.

On this account, it seemed to be related to the session storage device being full:

It’s likely that this was fixed already.


Thank you very much. It’s working now.
Can I prevent this problem from occurring next time with PHP code?
If yes, how?

Thank you very much

Thank you.
It’ working fine now.

Hope, this continues.


It’s a system issue, you can’t fix that with PHP code.

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