PHP sql connect not working


The error is output facing here

whereas working in other PHP processors
according to this code

My code used for PHP

// database connection code

// $con = mysqli_connect('', '3911959_myd', 'Nithin@123','3911959_myd');

$con = mysqli_connect('', '3911959_myd', 'Nithin@123','3911959_myd');

// get the post records

$name = $_POST['name'];

$email = $_POST['email'];

$sub = $_POST['sub'];

$message = $_POST['message'];

echo "<p style=color:#333>Hello ".$name." !<br><p>";

// database insert SQL code

$sql = "INSERT INTO `tbl_message` (`Id`, `Name`, `EMail`, `Subject`, `Message`) VALUES ('0', '$name', '$email', '$sub','$message')";

// insert in database

$rs = mysqli_query($con, $sql);



echo "<p style=color:green>Thank You !<br>Your Message Recieved<br><p>";




echo "<p style=color:red>Sorry !<br>There is an Error in submitting your message<p><br>";

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@simhaatsimha, you have shared your database password, which means anyone can log into your database and alter anything he/she wishes. Please change your password and remove it from your post.

I believe you cannot connect to external databases here. You can follow these guides (in order):

EDIT: Are you hosting on InfinityFree? because is another hosting service.


This is totally incorrect. Please use the data from the control panel and the client area. Also, change your password, as you just publicly exposed it.


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