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username: epiz_29396138

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I want to change the PHP version to 5.6. However, it is still saying PHP version 7, where in the cpanel it does let me change. Running on 7 gives me a lot of issues, so I really need it to be 5.6. Please help!

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Within my Cpanel it let me change the PHP version, but when I look at the PHP info within my account settings, it will still say PHP Version 7.4.8, (see original post)

PHP 5.6 is very outdated and it’s no longer supported. Why not adjust your script to be compatible with PHP 7 instead?


The entire site runs on 5.6. I’m unfortunately not skilled enough to be able to adjust an entire script.

Then maybe InfnityFree is not the place to host your website :frowning: .

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Unfortunately, older versions of PHP hav many security holes that these servers are not correctly configured to block.

If you cannot update your PHP version to 7+, please upgrade to premium hosting where you will be able to downgrade your PHP version at any time.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


The Select PHP Version system is working fine. I just checked, and your site is using PHP 5.6.

The PHP Info menu is a bit misleading though. It shows the PHP setting for the “entire account”, but PHP versions are configured at the domain level, not on the account level, so different sites on the same account can have different PHP information.

But, as others have said, PHP 5.6 is old, and while we do still have it now, we do plan to remove all PHP 5 support from our hosting in the near future. So I strongly urge you to make sure you have a site that works on the latest PHP versions, or you may find your website broken at some point.


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