phpBB keeps HTTP 500

Hello, i’ve just installed phpBB on this website.

In first minutes it just worked (except these warnings on header, which i altered to be not shown)

And after installing one extension and one style, the page keeps HTTP error 500

I can normally temporarily fix that by removing /cache/production/, but in some time the error will show up again.

I hope i fixed that by removing the cache, but i don’t know, why these PHP warnings sometimes keeps showing then the PHP config is altered to NOT show these errors, etc.

it seems to work.


And now it just works, but second thing i don’t know that web is keeping up outdated/deleted files…

Outdated file:

You mean you tried to remove these that they still exist?

That’s because you’re using Cloudflare and their performance enhancements and CDN. Which effectively involves a lot of caching. And while this does increase the performance of your website, it also means changes take longer to take effect.

You can disable Cloudflare’s cache (not recommended), purge the cache when you made changes or enable Development Mode to disable cache while you’re working on it.


Simply, these files aren’t there…

And the CSS files are modified x times…

Tried to clean-up cache and hard reload - Still receives outdated files.

Alright, i didn’t know that, thanks for advice.

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