Please delete my decativated account just now

Username epiz_28356150

my web site account is epiz_28356150 (Website for
I created an account epiz_28356150 and added my custom domain, but i was an aware of that i can add my custom domain to my another active account as well, so i deleted this account to add the domain to my other account, but the account is deactivated and will be deleted in the next 60 days which to long time, is it possible to delete my this account immediately please, so i be able to add my domain to my another account?

No, however you can still add your custom domain to another account. You need to remove from epiz_28356150 first.


Accounts cannot be deleted any sooner than 60 days because of legal obligations. Just do what @KangJL said and add it to your existing account.

Just reactivate the account, delete the domain from it and deactivate it again. It takes a couple of minutes and doesn’t require the full deletion of your account.

And next time you get a big red warning message saying you still have active domains on the account and you need to delete them first, please stop and think what should be your next step.


Thanks to all for replies, i did that and add the custom domain to my another active account.


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