Please enable Putenv php

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

Hosting is disabled a Putenv PHP Extension and i can’t install my website builder cms.
“ERROR: This PHP function is required. You’ll need to enable it or ask your hosting provider to do it for you to continue the installation”

I’m using this software:

Website builder

Additional information:
I was bought this CMS & it’s not working because this extension is disabled… :cry:

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I know in “knowledge” was the same reports, but the putenv is still disabled

The putenv function can be used to pass data to system commands. But command line access is disabled on free hosting for security and performance reasons, so if that’s something your software needs to do, you can’t use this software.

However, most of the times I’ve seen software list this as a requirement, it just stems from a misunderstanding or misuse of this function. In which case this is an error in the software, which I can’t fix for you.

In any case, I suspect your best bet would be to ask the script developer what this extension is used for. There is a big chance it’s not necessary at all.

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