Please help me, all the three hosting accounts in my clien area were suspended because Infinityfree said that they were they suffered DDOS attacks

epiz_ 30030672, epiz_ 30030644 and epiz_29999806

Error Message

" Hi there,

Your site was DDOS attacked, as a result we are no longer able to host it on a free hosting plan.

Thank you and stay safe !

Please let us know if there is anything we can do."

Other Information

Please help me, all the three hosting accounts in my clien area were suspended because Infinityfree said that they were they suffered DDOS attacks. I have just posted a few pages in 1 account, don’t know why all 3 accounts were attacked and suspended. What can I do to activate them? or at least get back my files?

It’s a permanent ban

Raise it in the support ticket request?


OMG you mean all my 3 accounts were banned permanantly? But
but what they called the DDOS attacks are not my faults, previously said that they only suspend an account 24h if the website gets exceeding traffic. OMG how can they suspend the accounts forever just because these accounts suffer DDOS attacks, which is not of customers’ faults?

That’s one of the faults here. If you are attacked, they ban you, although it’s not your fault. You can still buy premium to keep your site live though.

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If your house gets flooded and you need to pay for repairs, does that mean that society blames you for causing the flood? Of course not, you’re a victim too, but you can’t exactly ask mother nature to foot the bill.

DDoS attacks are like that. Stopping DDoS attacks is impossible, and fighting them off is really hard. It takes a lot of server power to do that. And we can’t exactly track down who’s behind it and get them to pay for the damages.

We believe that your site was or is the target of a DDoS attack, and that our systems were attacked because of that.

Now we have a few choices:

  • We keep hosting your site and wait for the next attack to come. It will hit our system and take down your site and many thousands of other sites in the process.
  • We keep hosting your site, and dedicate a ton of additional server power to handling this attack without affecting others. This costs us hundreds or even thousands of dollars, all to protect a single site using our free service. Who is going to pay for all of that? Should we?
  • Say goodbye to you. No new attack aimed at you will reach our systems, all other websites will keep running happily, and we’re not stuck with a huge bill for excess hosting expenses.

This is not about blame or punishment. This is a practical decision that allows us to host as many sites as we can for free for as many people as we can. It doesn’t mean we need to host every site for everyone.


I’m getting a bit worried that if some guy just randomly starts ddosing my website and my hosting account will get banned, is there any way to prevent ddos like installing cloudflare there?

Yes, Installing Cloudflare and turning on the “JS Check” under “Under Attack” option will greatly reduce the risks. See the guide below on how to setup Cloudflare.


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