Please review InfinityFree on TrustPilot

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to review InfinityFree! I really appreciate it!

InfinityFree does not have any official present on any social networks. We are not iFastNet, iFastNet is our sponsor. They do a lot for us, but are different people working in a different country for a different company.


Ohh… I Am so happy with InfinityFree’s service that i wanted to share a positive review about the service publicly and thought iFasNet was your parent company…So sorry about that:sweat_smile:


yep! all thing is free :smiley:


In this day and age of trollfarms… can you really trust those bragging promo lines of that site?

I tend to believe hardly anything anymore in the world of commerce. :roll_eyes:

Well, if I write the honest truth, will they de-platform & censor me like one homo ergaster?

They do not advertise their site as “100% censorship free & trustworthy”. It may all be a huge fake. :sparkler:

I mean even here I must re-edit stuff since I hit a wall keeping me from posting.

Feels like they are going to deplatform me like Alex Jones and Julian Assange.

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@Xerxes, have you posted a review of InfinityFree? If not, this post suggests you to evaluate it if you want. I’ve already reviewed it.

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@Xerxes :slight_smile:
Very similar to that I wrote on topic below
and if you have time you can fully read what the admin wrote after that


Independent review sites are often the best available source for getting information about the quality of a service. And many people do pay attention to them.

Sure, they may not be 100% accurate (review manipulation is a thing), but what other way do you have to quickly evaluate the quality of a company? The production information on their website? The testimonials they have on there?

Sadly, TrustPilot does not let you edit or delete reviews as far as I can tell. If they did, this cry for reviews might not have been necessary.

But there were a few 1 star reviews on there from people who had a really, really bad experience, which was primarily the result of a communication issues (like invalid expectations of the service or unwillingness to work with staff to resolve an issue).

Seeing how the general opinion of people is generally positive, I thought it would be a good idea to ask for reviews on here, and get reviews from a more representative sample of people, rather than just the very angry people who are looking to vent their anger.

I can’t stop you. But if you do encounter any issues with the service, please do try to get it resolved first. If it’s a true, honest review feel free to share it.

But if this is the kind of “honest review”, which is just a rant about one issue, please do give me the chance to try to fix, or at least explain, it.

Would an untrustworthy service say they were untrustworthy?

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unrealistic expectations

well if you read all that fantastic advertising prose so riddled with buzzwords, how can the highest expectation be unrealistic at all?

bottom line: The advertising often is as worthless as the reviews. pure noise to a large extent.

Review submitted :wink:

I have had paid hosting before that occasionally had issues, like anything, communication with your hosting provider is key when you have any problems.

It is true, that many more people will complain about something when it goes wrong, and ‘to anybody that will listen’, than will actually say it was a good experience, and praise the service, when it all works as it should.


Done <3


I wrote my true opinion :slight_smile:

It’s a powerful hosting service and I am using it since 2018, but there some features that need to be added to the free hosting plane like DNS records, subdomains access from the main domain another and others!
but in the end it’s better than nothing :slight_smile:


i’d support but it’s on premium hosting only i think :frowning:

wish i can get PayPal account to upgrade my site. Mine is getting popular.

is there any sites similar to PayPal Ifastnet accepts? please! i really need this.

To my knowledge, iFastNet only works with PayPal, but you could try to ask them to see if they have any other payment methods or plans to add any.

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Done it :smiley:
Really good hosting and nice support here!


Hey Bro! Thank you… Very nice services. Infinitiyfree, yes we love it. The free services were very nice. Continue to provide these services. Very nice for beginners. That’s great, man. Please do not stop these services.


The free services for me are, and will be, always nice. They don’t never stop providing this free web hosting service, and it’s all thanks to you guys for supporting this service!


done. thank you for the great service