"Powered by InfinityFree" badge

I am wondering if I am allowed to put a “Powered by InfinityFree” badge on my website like this one:
That used to come on the default new-site page?

Am I allowed to reuse that code, create my own, or is making said banner illegal?

EDIT: Found section 32 in the TOS, so would a reply from @Admin legally be consent for me to use this “InfinityFree Mark”?

Probably not.

Yes maybe as it really powered by this service.

That’s what I thought.

I will wait for Admin approval first.

Putting a “powered by InfinityFree” badge on your own website is OK, as long as that website is actually hosted by us. We don’t have any badges you can just use for that, but feel free to create your own.


Done! Made some embed-able code:

<iframe src="https://cheese.wackyblackie.ml/embeds/infinityfree-pb.php" style="position:absolute;bottom:0;right:8px;height: 54;border:none"></iframe>

I’m not sure it really works, because I am getting a 1020 on both that URL, the subdomain’s index page, and the main domain. You might want to check that.

Also as an additional tip, you may want to use the CSS border: attribute instead of the old ‘frameborder’ value.


It is not accessible from outside the US.

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It’s OK, I set it up during a DDoS amd haven’t disabled yet…

So… The powered by text can give a bit of more space to breathe

Well, I accessed it using a vpn I set up on aws.

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The trick now would be to generate it using SVG from within the page so that it doesn’t count as an extra hit.


@jaikrishna.t, Could you pm me the aws url?
@linguist, Sounds like a good idea, that’s smart.
@Robert9157, I’ll change the frameborder attr to css border attr. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Umm, what was the URL? I said I had deployed a VPN on was and used that to access your site, as it was deployed in OHIO.

Oh, i thought you deployed it to aws. OOPS! my mistake!

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I tried to make it. What do you think?

I think 1-4-10 are best.

Here are the dark versions.


It would be better if @Admin host them on main domain. So attribute will be accessible.