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(I have uploaded 8 files into the above website. Only one file named index.html is opening the right way. How do I get the rest to work too. I am new in programming/know only the bare minimum.Please help!)

…make that index2.html. Thatis the name of the file that is working. All of themare in the htdocs.

your index files currently have .txt as an extension so the web browser will display them as text

you need them to have .htm or .html as an extension so that the browser will display them as html pages

rename the files and change your links in the main index to match and everything should be fine


That domain is abusive and should be reported.

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The website is meant to bring out social issues that are a bit odd. You are making judgment based on topics and not content or intention…In any case, you reply does not answer my question in anyway.

Good ol’ boy/girl I am still building the site. Answer my question, give me a month and I will give you a reason to laugh till you cry.

Thanks for your response. I once named everything index1(to-8).html, coz of eight files, and only one opened(index2.html). Can you please give an example of how you could get the second, third and fourth to open?

You can open files by simply adding their directory path and file name to the end of the URL. So if you have a file contact.html directly in the htdocs folder, you can view it at . And if you have a folder blog containing an item first-article.html, you can access it at

If you go directly to a folder, like or, the so-called index file of the folder is accessed instead. Normally, this file is called index.php or index.html. I see you called it index2.html, which works, but index.html also works, and works at pretty much any HTML hosting service.


im glad to see that the site is working now and im enjoying it :smiley:

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