Problem with attached domain

Hi there!

Help me to solve this stuff

subdomain infinityfree works fine

My domain that is attached to the subdomain in infinityfree is not, explain why?

Waiting for feedback.

For me your domains work fine; for you on the domain that is not a InfinityFree subdomain it may be a DNS propagation issue; you may need to wait within 76 hours, like on the Control Panel Domain Added Successfully Screen asked for it.

There seems to be an outage right now on our nameserver location on the US East coast. So some parts of the world can’t access the majority of the nameservers. I’ve brought this to the attention of iFastNet, and they should be working on it now.

In the mean time, you could change your domain’s nameservers from to, which has some more servers which are not affected by this.

" you could change your domain’s nameservers from to"


hello! anyway the primary domain works strange was ok
look please closer: why? and write me - what to do…

my domain reg-r wrote that all such quests should be solved with hosting comp…

waiting for feedback…

ps i live in Moscow Russia

However, the nameservers’ location near where I live (aka the place you can find on my biography, situated on Cosenza’s province) is working fine, unlike the USA East Coast location of their nameservers. So I can experience that the uptime for me and your website is 100% right now, but not on some parts on the world.

do you see only black screen then click?
which brauser and system do you use? it’s pc or mobile?

No, I see all the contents of the site itself.
I use Chrome 75 on MacOS 10.13.6 High Sierra installed on a MacBook Pro (13-inch; Late 2011).

got it, will test
maybe it’s only my mac-os trouble
thank you.

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