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Error Web Site

Until this morning the account was suspended, but yesterday I purchased through the control panel PREMIUM UNLIMITED account, and the problem since my site does not load at all (including the site in a free domain) and was registered that does not harm the site and everything works in the same configuration for the new management interface.

The problem is that I can not access my site at all even to the free domain

Asks to fix the problem you created I paid so you do not have my account again but now I can not use the site again
If I change a domain address now I have a problem with the system license that is installed there to change a domain in the system I have to pay $ 20 (system synchronized with the system of code writers (programmers)) and I also have a system translation file I created and I do not have another copy of It

I need full access to the site and demand to solve the problem you created here …

You are interested in purchasing a premium package through you, but create serious problems afterwards …

Requires treatment as soon as possible thanks in advance

The first thin you should note is that InfinityFree doesn’t sell any hosting services. We partner with iFastNet, and iFastNet develops, sells and fulfills the premium hosting services.

So if you need help with your premium service in any way, please contact iFastNet directly through their support portal at

So we can’t solve the problem for you, because we simply have no access whatsoever to iFastNet’s premium services.

It seems your domain name is already on iFastNet’s premium service, and it’s showing a working site to me. If you upgraded the site today, then please note that due to DNS caching it can take up to 48 hours for the change to be visible everywhere.


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