Proper Category usage guide on InfinityFree Forum

InfinityFree Forum currently has got six categories that can be viewed and interacted with.

In order to maintain a smoother and more productive work with different problems and questions that our users have, we have introduced these different kinds of categories that everyone upon creation of their post can choose from to mark and describe the nature of their question or issue in a better way.

Therefore it is in our interest to create a guideline for choosing the most suitable of the currently available categories for your form of the forum post.

When you are writing a new post type in the name of your problem and you could find a similar issue resolved at the past:
Description of the categories:

  • Hosting Support
    The Hosting Support category is ONLY for your website’s issues that are related to accessibility of our servers and hosting itself or account related issues.

If you have chosen, uploaded and successfully set up your website and can access it, however, one of your scripts or features is not working or giving an error then this is the category that you are looking for:

  • Development Support
    The Development Support category is ONLY for things related to the files, scripts, and CMS that you have installed on your own since WordPress configuration or your own configuration not working properly is related to Development Support.

If it is the hosting service problem with your account or one of our features, suspensions, terminations of your account or control panel limitations then it is a Hosting Support thread.

  • Other Discussions
    The Other Discussions category is for discussions that are not related to an issue of Hosting or Development and for topics and discussions of tips, collections of tutorials and forum related discussions and questions about InfinityFree.

  • Uncategorized
    The Uncategorized category is the default category for topics that do not seem to be appropriate for any other of the categories in the forum. If you are unsure about your post and the category in which it would fit in the best then use this category.

Remember the four categories and remember that sorting your post category properly makes everything easier for you as a user and for moderators of InfinityFree.

Let’s create order and a faster and more reliable support together.

Yes. This is a good guideline for the clients of this forum software. @bbot22 .
Everyone must follow the category and their issues first before posting anything.

I was one day looking on the forum, the day when their was an outage in the email account and forwarders issue. Their was not one, but more than 10-15 new topics created that day on the same issue- Email Account not working, Webmail not reachable and many more, even though their was a pinned issues on the top of the forums, about the email accounts and forwarders issue, that was pinned by @Admin. Anyway this topic may make the users understand to make a proper forum structure

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