Random folders when trying to access my subdomain


My subdomain is proyectoist.epizy.com.

I have uploaded by ftp these 3 folders:

When I access my domain url, this folders are what everyone can see:


Yesterday everything was working correctly, I could access all my folders, but today, for some reason I cant find webpages.

Im also trying to access for example, proyectoist.epizy.com/tlmcoin , that is a folder in my domain, but it gives me 404 error.

Thank you.


Where are you trying to upload your files? in htdocs or proyectoist.epizy.com/htdocs?

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inside proyectoist.epizy.com/htdocs

and nothing inside htdocs?

No, there is nothing inside there…

If I create another subdomain i get this kind of directory listing, which is the appropiate one:

I dont know why, the http://proyectoist.epizy.com is somehow bugged. Does anyone know what is going on?
thank you very much

The domain proyectoist.epizy.com is currently being served from an iFastNet premium account. Did you upgrade your account there? If so, you can manage your website through the cPanel, FTP, etc. credentials sent to you by iFastNet when your account was created.

If you need more help with your premium account, you can contact iFastNet through their support panel at https://support.ifastnet.com


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