Redesigning InfinityFree homepage

The design of the Client Area was updated recently, which looks so very beautiful. So, I was wondering if @Admin is interested in redesigning the homepage as well, which has been the same since forever. The people here are enthusiastic programmers and maybe they would like to help.



Looks like an interesting suggestion to me.


Yeah the only things so far that I noticed that have changed are the Client Area, the Knowledge Base and the Forum which has really improved and the Client Area’s design is beautiful. I think InfinityFree’s first forum was CodaForum and then changed to Vanilla and finally Discourse which is amazing.


Looks like the suggestion is nice and feasible for me…

I would like to redesign the front page as well. The current design is from 2015, and it shows. Something a bit more light and crispy would be awesome.

While I’m glad to hear people may be willing to contribute, I’m a bit hesitant to accept their help due to content ownership issues (what if we go and one of the contributors says “that’s my content, you can’t use it, pay me”).

And I’ve been putting off the project.


While I know people like that are a lot at world but well… Although it’s up to you to whatever change it or not but it was the issue i had forgotten about.


I can totally understand, but if you give me permission, I will make sure this does not happen.

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Some projects have some sort of Contributor License Agreement which people need to sign first which ensures that the entity receiving the contribution can use it. This is fairly common with open source projects.


Right now, I will just show you some design prototypes. If you like any, I will develop it and sign Contributor License Agreement. The License terms can be discussed when and if you give your permission to develop.


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