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I have set up a redirect from the http://www, http://, and https:// versions of my website to It won’t work with www. only, it just opens an unsecure version of my site. I can’t make a code doesn’t redirect forever, and I can’t seem to find a cloud flare page rule. And the weirdest thing is: it works fine in private browsing(Don’t ask why I checked :laughing: ) Guess that’s because that private browsing will always check. What am I gonna do?
PS. my site name is


Actually, checking in private browsing mode is really useful when working on a (live) website, because it skips many different caches. It helps a lot to prevent those situations where you try everything to fix an issue, and none of your attempt seem to do anything, because you’re looking at a cached version of the page.

As to what you can do, you can clear your browser cache or wait for the problem to solve itself (i.e. the cache to expire).