Redirecting problem


My website is
When I try to enter my website I write this domain and then open the root page in which all files are there
But I want to open “
I have tried much more codes for .htacces but I can’t do it.
If you know please help me and give me right codes which I have to write it in .htaccess


If you want to redirect your root domain to the file, simply change the file name to index.html instead of link.html … It’s simple


Also to hide the directory… write -Indexes in HTACCESS file


But if index.html is in another folder?
For example index.html is in folder named “example”
How I can redirect in this condition?


That’s probably doable with .htaccess rewrite rules. But I would not recommend going that route, .htaccess rules are complicated, error prone and hard to debug. I would recommend to just move the file to the place the server looks for it (i.e. out of the subdirectory).

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