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Hey i opened yesterday a url shortner it was running just fine but today as soon as i open the webpage it shows Related link page . Anyone what should i do

Your site is probably being blocked by an ads and tracking blocking extension.
I my case your site is being blocked by my uBlock Origin.

what should i do to it i tried to put meta tag from propellerads should i delete it from the index

Hmm, it seems the domain is not synched correctly across our DNS servers. On one of them, it returns the correct IP address, but on the other it points to the domain parking service we use for unused domains.

This can usually be fixed by removing the domain from the account and then adding it again.

You can remove the domain through the Addon Domains section and then add it again through the Subdomains section.

EDIT: This might not be an issue specific to your domain. Will investigate.

i just did remove it from addon doming and added on subdmain but it still has the error

Like I added to my last post, this seems to be a larger issue, not just an issue with your domain name. I’m not sure if removing and re-adding the domain fixes that.

But if it does, then please remember that this is a DNS change, and that DNS changes can take up to 72 hours to be visible everywhere. So even if it did fix the issue, that doesn’t mean it’s visible right away.

Ok i will check after 72 hours i will reply if this fixed the dns problems.Thank you.

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Wait 72h but cool idea

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